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Sorry, for the missing post yesterday. But I was busy (I use the word loosely as 'busy' may or may not refer to wasting time playing games like the pokemon TCG). Anyway, it's pretty good I've made it this far (only people with at least a small amount of time management skills could do better). This most important thing is that I'm better than Adam. Only a comic could show me up now (that's a challenge btw Adam).

With Christmas comes Christmas parties. I've had a bunch lately. I'd like to elaborate but I'm tired. Here's one.

At one of them, I lost my sunglasses. I blame Adam or jazz or playing jenga with crates of bricks or beer or constucting small fires in alleyways, but mostly Adam.

I'm about to goto a concert and don't have much time.

Today there was a lot of red and green. First of all, was all the Christmas stuff (reference -done) including people wearing 100s of plastic antlers at once. I also wore both a red and a green shirt today.

Lastly - parrot.

I am posting this a lot later than I thought (i.e. the same time as yesterday), but not due to the absence of an idea. I don't have acccess to my computer, so I am writing this on an old laptop which does not have working USB ports (which forces me to use the touch pad thingy and makes it very difficult to upload images).

OK, so this post is a continuation of the decorations post where I mentioned that my mum and sister were having some kind of 'decoration war' (although it's not really that serious as nothing as been thrown - yet).

Ok, I have no idea what I'm going to write for this one. Today I was hoping some kind of Christmas based anecdote material would occur. It didn't.

But then again, all I really need to do is relate any story to a vague Christmas concept. For this post it will be bon bons (hence the title).

My family is not particularly religious but, like a lot of people, we still very much enjoy celebrating Christmas. It's a time of year where we all come together and suppress our dislike for various relatives, buy inappropriate/ironic gifts (or ones we want for ourselves), and eat the carcasses of several beasts. To be honest it's not exactly like that, I just enjoy being facetious. I really like my relatives and enjoy the food, although the gift thing is entirely true (my sister and mother have both bought me presents for themselves on multiple occasions).

So, Christmas theme...

I'm going to run out of things to talk about really quickly so references to Christmas will have to be tenuous at best. Let's start with wrapping paper.

To say that the last year was a failure would be somewhat of an understatement. We are bad at this, really bad. But are we going to stop?

Maybe, I mean no. What better way to show that we're serious (or to ultimately highlight our inability to stick to any kind of plan or schedule) than to post a blog entry and/or comic EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Also, like every TV series that seeks the easy ratings grab of this time of the year, posts will be Christmas themed! And by that I mean they will vaguely reference it (such as this post which merely alludes to the theme itself).

So, as a large proportion of our 'fan base' has stated, a promise has been broken in relation to putting up a comic by the end of last year.

Well that maybe true EXCEPT for 2 things:

Actual content will be on this site.....eventually.

In the meantime you could: read a book, see a play, talk with loved ones or just simply continue looking up useless crap on the internet (what I like to do is make up a conspiracy theory and see if it already exists, you might end up being very surprised).