... It's Thursday 30th of December... (the day before nye!)

...and I can't get into fb.

Adam Fun Fact: people like to organise things with friends for nye, which sometimes may take meticulous planning and regular checking. Facebook has established itself lately as a good medium through which to organise events!

There is no god.

1 minute to go. I've got nothing. I just heard this band though, they're really good, haven't listened to a song I don't like yet.

Totally forgot about this update. So, um, boxing day. That was a second Christmas starting at 5 30am (as previously mentioned) and ending at 1am the next day. Lots of eating, drinking, presents, eating, carols, backyard cricket and eating. Sleep was very much appreciated that night.

Aaand it wasn't too bad. I didn't really want many things because I didn't really need things and I have too many things in my room anyway, so my family did pretty well on presents. I'm particularly happy with my new portable desktop metal-blade fan. I totally didn't ask for one of those, and I've put it into immediate and effective use. Also chocolate, I got lots of that. Never a bad thing.
Still there were others.. I got one of those 50 ml bottles of Baileys in my stocking. I won't rant about them because I don't need to.. but so sillyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYY

Christmas has come and has brought with it a variety of presents and, more importantly, anecdotes (I was clutching at straws near the end there). While a lot of things happened in the past two days I think I can only put them into two posts. Then I'll think of things that don't relate to Christmas - whatever they are.

It's Christmas eve and I'm just about to head off to Newcastle. I might not have access to a computer until Monday, so I'll leave you with this.

Merry Christmas to my brilliant readers. You are all awesome and amazing, and I don't know what I'd do without you.

As Christmas is 2 days away, today was a good day to start Christmas shopping. I am really bad at present buying, so I enlisted the help of my younger sister. That didn't help too much. We worked out that we are as bad as each other.

Regardless, the day was relatively successful. There was a lot aimless wandering, but I don't think anyone can avoid that. We also saw a certain bearded man who promotes generosity and good will, as well as a santa of the non bearded and slightly aggressive pharmacy spruiker variety.

OK, I'm a bit late but I was out. Also I have horrible luck with buses (even those that aren't the dreaded 370). I think I must have angered a bus god (I knew killing those baby buses was a bad idea).

Before I start, I'd like to say that Adam is a jerk. Maybe it would be OK for him to not go with the Christmas theme if he actually made a comic, but he hasn't. So he needs to do themed posts, or I will continue to be mildly annoyed (can you handle that Adam?).

So, back to the post. This is the second installment in what I can probably pad out to 3 or 4 present based entries. This post is about hiding presents.

I think I was supposed to do a comic on the weekend, but I forgot. Crap. At least it wasn't a legit promise

Hopefully soon though I'll start getting myself into a weekly routine of extra-curricular stuff.. like getting back into drawing. This might involve studying anatomy- so hey you know I've been thinking about it.

This will also coincide with my desire to try my hand at a graphic novel in the future.

Christmas theme?! Fuck that

Enjoy your theme-less blog