To say that the last year was a failure would be somewhat of an understatement. We are bad at this, really bad. But are we going to stop?

Maybe, I mean no. What better way to show that we're serious (or to ultimately highlight our inability to stick to any kind of plan or schedule) than to post a blog entry and/or comic EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Also, like every TV series that seeks the easy ratings grab of this time of the year, posts will be Christmas themed! And by that I mean they will vaguely reference it (such as this post which merely alludes to the theme itself).

So, as a large proportion of our 'fan base' has stated, a promise has been broken in relation to putting up a comic by the end of last year.

Well that maybe true EXCEPT for 2 things:

Woo new 2-minute roughly made logo! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP

I'm not dead, I'm still alive btw. Just so you know... my.. dear horde of demanding, uncompromising, ravenous fans.

On a serious and non-delusional note-
Webcomic will appear hopefully before the end of the year! Yay.

Nay, that's a PROMISE.

Let's get busy, Nell-son Mandela!

Actual content will be on this site.....eventually.

In the meantime you could: read a book, see a play, talk with loved ones or just simply continue looking up useless crap on the internet (what I like to do is make up a conspiracy theory and see if it already exists, you might end up being very surprised).

That Adam guy has taken to blogging like an emo kid to self harm (or an emo kid to blogging, but that's not the point).

Also, he's a buttface.

This is a blog. My first one! I'm Adam. Hello!

Because it's a blog let's talk about emo shit



In unrelated news, Nelly's a dumbhead

Truly this is a blog worth of the English monarchy and.. gold ingots. Wrapped in notes. And pantiez.

Cyal8r folks