So, Christmas theme...

I'm going to run out of things to talk about really quickly so references to Christmas will have to be tenuous at best. Let's start with wrapping paper.

In order to simply get to it, I had to clean out my whole wardrobe. I would have been annoyed about how long it took if I wasn't for the fact that I'm unemployed and spent 3 hours playing pokemon yellow today (no regrets). After almost being crushed by box, containing what could only be described as a "sphere" of cables, I uncovered various books and objects from primary school and early high school. After looking at them for a while I learned a few things about my young self, mainly that I was naive, arrogant, awkward and really bad at drawing, writing and spelling. As such, I can conclude that over the space of 10 years I have not changed much at all, except I can now appreciate the irony of it and know a lot more simpsons quotes and pop culture references (time well spent).

I leave you with a few of my favourite entries from my year 5 journal.

"On Saturday I versed Matthew's team it was a very close game. The first half I was a back and the score was nil all. The second half I was goaly!, I wasn't very good at being goaly but I tried my best yet I let in one goal. After the game I was depressed."

"I know what I'm getting for my birthday Harry Potter the third and I might get a fish because one of my fish died about four days ago I think my dad made a coffin for it. I'm looking forward to my birthday" (the opposite page had a picture of a fish floating at the top of a tank)

"This morning at band practise I had a arguement over some drums with the Concert Band but we worked it out." (I have no idea what that "arguement" consisted of, and I may have repressed it)

Well, I wrote a lot more than I thought I would. I'll be back tomorrow with more semi-coherent ramblings.