My family is not particularly religious but, like a lot of people, we still very much enjoy celebrating Christmas. It's a time of year where we all come together and suppress our dislike for various relatives, buy inappropriate/ironic gifts (or ones we want for ourselves), and eat the carcasses of several beasts. To be honest it's not exactly like that, I just enjoy being facetious. I really like my relatives and enjoy the food, although the gift thing is entirely true (my sister and mother have both bought me presents for themselves on multiple occasions).

Now, one thing we are not too keen on (or indeed skilled in) is the decorations. While many houses are covered in so many lights that native animals have their sleeping patterns irreversibly damaged, our house stays dimly lit to keep down our carbon footprint. While we almost always have a tree, it rarely goes further than that. This year, my mother has set a new record for minimalist Christmas decorations - a small wooden sign reading "HOHOHO". When my younger sister put Christmas cards next to it, they were quickly taken down as they "didn't fit with the look of the shelves". Recently, out of what I can only assume to be some kind of passive aggression, my sister has placed two candy canes on a lower shelf. As a casual observer this amuses me greatly, and I'd like to see if this goes any further.

This is a picture of the shelves.

That's all for today, hopefully i should be able to keep this up. I'll also try to get Adam to post more (he has some comics in the woodwork).