Ok, I have no idea what I'm going to write for this one. Today I was hoping some kind of Christmas based anecdote material would occur. It didn't.

But then again, all I really need to do is relate any story to a vague Christmas concept. For this post it will be bon bons (hence the title).

Now bon bons are weird concept, and I have no idea why they are a Christmas tradition (but that's mainly because I can't be bothered to google it). Anyway, apart from the strip that cracks (I often took these out when I was a child so I could pull them all at once) and the general sense of winning, the components of a bon bon are usually quite underwhelming. While you could be 'lucky' to have home made ones (which can be of the small child/broken toys and half eaten lollies variety or the estranged aunt/ nut mix and health food kind), they mainly contain the hat, the 'toy' and the joke(s). The flimsy paper hat lasts for all of 5 minutes before it is broken from attempts to put onto large heads, or from small children snatching as many as they can to achieve the highest level of percieved 'royalness'. The brightly coloured plastic 'thing' seems to be a necessity for bon bons, but I have never seen the purpose or even entertainment value of a slightly melted horse or a weird half alien half bearded cowboy (I did see that once). Now comes to my least favourite component - the 'jokes'. Why do we need these when this is a time when multiple dads, uncles and grandfathers are already gathered in one place? If people could die from too many themed puns, Christmas would be a very sad time of the year indeed.

Ok, for someone who said they couldn't think of anything, I think I did quite well. See you next time.Have some jokes.