I am posting this a lot later than I thought (i.e. the same time as yesterday), but not due to the absence of an idea. I don't have acccess to my computer, so I am writing this on an old laptop which does not have working USB ports (which forces me to use the touch pad thingy and makes it very difficult to upload images).

OK, so this post is a continuation of the decorations post where I mentioned that my mum and sister were having some kind of 'decoration war' (although it's not really that serious as nothing as been thrown - yet).

Today I learned that there has been some development on this front. A series of deer figurines have been placed on the sign. In addition, a small figurine nativity scene (I have no idea where it came from) has been placed on the lower shelf. Now these aren't the weirdest things. My sister has attached a series of hooks to wall next to the shelves and arranged them in a rough tree shape. She intends to drape some beaded chains on it.

To be honest, I have no idea what's happening. At all.