Sorry, for the missing post yesterday. But I was busy (I use the word loosely as 'busy' may or may not refer to wasting time playing games like the pokemon TCG). Anyway, it's pretty good I've made it this far (only people with at least a small amount of time management skills could do better). This most important thing is that I'm better than Adam. Only a comic could show me up now (that's a challenge btw Adam).

Ok, enough with pathetic excuses, time to talk about the true meaning of Christmas - presents. Some people might say they don't like how Christmas has become a time of the year all about consumerism and they don't want presents, but they're just communists (and are lying - everyone wants presents). Now, while presents are great, there are always the bad presents (socks, sweaters, obscure gift cards, hand made presents from adults who have never done craft before, items from an all night petrol station, box set of two and half men are all good examples). But, in my opinion, you can never truly have a bad present, they can always be used as an anecdote (or indeed a blog post). They also make any gift you give back them seem much better than it is, or allow you to give equally crappy (or 'ironic') gifts in future (although this can quickly escalate into some kind of horrible, passive-aggressive gift war). I could go on about this, but as I already struggle for things to write about (and am distracted by a strangely amusing Turkish sci-fi spoof comedy on TV) I might continue in my next post.

On an unrelated note, my friend suggested giving the readers of this site a collective name. While that may be a good idea (more so for the future when that number increases to at least 5), the name he suggested was not. It's safe to say that we will not be going with "kiddy fribblers".