Before I start, I'd like to say that Adam is a jerk. Maybe it would be OK for him to not go with the Christmas theme if he actually made a comic, but he hasn't. So he needs to do themed posts, or I will continue to be mildly annoyed (can you handle that Adam?).

So, back to the post. This is the second installment in what I can probably pad out to 3 or 4 present based entries. This post is about hiding presents.

My mum is good at hiding presents, but there have been exceptions. When I was too young it wasn't an issue as I didn't look for presents due to believing in santa and being very short. Also, when I was too old I didn't have the desire to look for presents as it would be mean and ruin the surprise. But there was a whole section of my childhood when I knew there were presents and I was determined to find them (determined may be a bit strong of a word). Most years I would search the house for a while and then just give up. But one year I found some. This would be a victory if they weren't just presents for other people and relatives. I have never found presents after that, until today. I was asked to defrost some meat and told to get out a bowl to do so. This was a foolish move by my mum, as this was also the location she hid my present. Now, that hiding place was not a bad idea, it was indeed a brilliant one (as I am a very lazy person). So, due to her lack of foresight, she in effect ruined Christmas.

Ridiculous exaggerations aside, I'm going to go back to watching shows a talk show where Jack Black eats chillies and a documentary about an ex-prostitute attempting to get government approval for a brothel in a rural county in America (with perfectly rational quotes like "I'm not a religious person but I believe my body contains the soul of a person executed in an extermination camp" and "she continues to collect rocks").