OK, I'm a bit late but I was out. Also I have horrible luck with buses (even those that aren't the dreaded 370). I think I must have angered a bus god (I knew killing those baby buses was a bad idea).

Anyway, presents. I'll keep it brief because I was meant to include this in the last post and I'm really tired (and a bit drunk). This is also about hiding presents, but me doing so. A week or so ago I was in a store buying various things and I found a good present for my sister (I'm not going to mention what it is as there is a slim chance she might read this), but she was also there at the time. Despite my best attempts to hide it she noticed that I had something, and after about 5 or 6 "what are you hiding from me?"s she finally got the hint (with a largish "ohhhhhhh"). Even beyond this point she insisted on asking me what it was, so of course I told her exactly what is was - "It's a glee DVD". This received a relatively harsh glare and the responses "I hate you" and "well, I'll get you a Justin Bieber CD". My sister is now well trained in the ways of sarcasm and general disdain to others (what more could I have hoped for?).

So, I think that wasn't that bad for 54 minutes late.