As Christmas is 2 days away, today was a good day to start Christmas shopping. I am really bad at present buying, so I enlisted the help of my younger sister. That didn't help too much. We worked out that we are as bad as each other.

Regardless, the day was relatively successful. There was a lot aimless wandering, but I don't think anyone can avoid that. We also saw a certain bearded man who promotes generosity and good will, as well as a santa of the non bearded and slightly aggressive pharmacy spruiker variety.

The place that yielded the best presents was a discount book store, which had a large variety of good presents and great (i.e. crappy) presents. We found a gem for only $2 titled "Commuter Waiting Games". This small 'book' with an interactive game (that doesn't work) built into the cover, contains a series of transport based pass times and activities ranging from good (e.g. making a blanket fort while on a plane) to bad (they were mainly in that category). There were also a whole bunch of creepy ones (yoga-like exercises with leotard) and accompanying extra creepy pictures. Anyway, we decided to wrap it up (using the only tape we had left - medical tape) and give it as a presents to ourselves. So now we're sure to get at least one awesome present.

Decoration 'battle' update - wall hooks were completed, but attempts at draping the beads were less successful.