Aaand it wasn't too bad. I didn't really want many things because I didn't really need things and I have too many things in my room anyway, so my family did pretty well on presents. I'm particularly happy with my new portable desktop metal-blade fan. I totally didn't ask for one of those, and I've put it into immediate and effective use. Also chocolate, I got lots of that. Never a bad thing.
Still there were others.. I got one of those 50 ml bottles of Baileys in my stocking. I won't rant about them because I don't need to.. but so sillyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYY

My parents will be generous to give me some christmas money, so I think I will look into tablets.. it's about high time. I think a tablet will inspire me more to post actual content. I hardly ever seem to feel motivated to draw something and then change computers to scan, let alone leave the comfort of my own laptop.

Now that I think about, you could probably substitute "drawing" tablet with "ecstasy" tablet and that paragraph would still make sense.