With a new year comes a new schedule. It was clearly evident that 1 update per date was too much (and 1 a week too much for Adam). I think I will stick to a more reasonable 3 updates a week (at least) and also keep them unthemed (that was way too much Christmas talk for liking). As for Adam, I'm pretty sure he died in some kind of fireworks/"I bet I can do this with my eyes closed" accident (in his defence it did look pretty cool).

So, as the title suggests, there is some kind of banjo related anecdote. After listening to "Devil Makes Three" (the bluegrass band I linked before) my family then thought that was the music I was into. While I do like that music, I also prefer a lot of other more rock and indie kind of music. Well, three days ago the following conversation occurred:
"Have you played the banjo before?"
"Do you want to?"
"Um, what?"
So now I am practicing the banjo. After three days I am very surprised to have picked up a bunch of 'rolls' pretty quickly. But I'm a long way off the challenging "She'll be coming round the mountain."

Lastly, I found another collection of my school work from year 5 and I'll share them over the next few updates.
Here are two space based haikus:


The sun is giant,
Our planet is very small,
And we are tiny.

The Moon

The Moon has craters,
Neil Armstrong walked on the moon,
Earth has no craters.