Adam finally posted something! This is good, not only because it's a good start and makes this site less boring, but also now I can stop writing about stupid and boring things (I won't). I think we can actually keep this site going this year and I might update the layout etc etc next week or so.

I don't really have much to say other than it's impossible to find a simple red bath robe (for a Tarantino themed costume) and steak is delicious.

As promised here is another of my year 5 writing pieces (I still don't have access to a scanner so the images will come later). Spelling mistakes included.

"My Adventures with a Genie Named Baboo"

I was swimming in some giant waves on a beach when I got dumped. I didn't think I was going to live, but I ended up on the beach. I couldn't see any other people. Then I realised I was on a different beach, so I looked around and then I noticed a little gold tube with jewells all around it. I picked it up and then there was a puff of purple smoke and a man appeared wearing a red vest and dark blue pants. He said "I am the genie named Babo," in a rough voice. I was amazed and then I thought to make a wish, but then I thought how many wishes would I have, I asked him and he said "three,""and sorry, I should have told you.""I'm from Australia and thankyou for letting me free from that bottle. It was so cramped in there.""have you got any wishes?" I said, I wish to have a look around here," and then he took me on his magic carpet which was beautifully coloured all over. I looked over the edge and I saw DINOSAURS!! I must have gone back in time. The I said "I wish to go back where I was" and we twirled around like being in a giant twister and we ended back at the beach. He said "You have one more wish and I want to be free but you probably want something else!" so I said,"I wish you could be free". I walked to my parents and said nothing about it.


I could say a lot about that story, but mainly that it was clear my younger self knew little about speech mark usage or copyright law.