Hello. Nice to see my first strip was met with some good reception, even if it was a small amount.. or rather two people maybe lol

As a heads up, the next few strips will probably follow in the vein of the first one as I find my bearings. Cynicism, lazy humour and experimentation. After then it will be.. oh.. cynicism and lazy humour. You think it would be easy to just stick to any damn art style and not worry about the little things, but then, you're not me. You try living with it!

So anyway- on that note, I reckon I should have the second strip byyyyyyyy... Monday. Or possibly tomorrow if I'm super motivated. "Oh, but Adam! How can I trust you when you always make hollow promises?!" I don't hear you ask. 'Cause I started it already. 'N' datz da hard part.



MONDAY EDIT: Scratch that, I'll try and post it tomorrow. Sorry