So, um, Adam is bad at setting deadlines. Enough said.

OK, so I like insects as I study them (my honours year will involve a lot fly stuff) and I have done a variety of courses where I learn about them in one way or another (I now can't help looking at various insects that I come across), but I don't like them in my house. At the moment two insects are really giving me the shits - ants and mosquitoes.

I live in an apartment 2 stories up and my room is up another story after that, but that doesn't stop a continual stream of ants pouring into my room (and they're coming in from the ceiling). I have no idea what they're doing here, all I have is my Christmas chocolates that are wrapped in plastic (but they haven't found them, nor will they). They are just walking around and then crawling on and/or biting me. I think tomorrow will be a good time for mini ant genocide.

While ants are only somewhat annoying, the mosquitoes are something else. Putting on repellent, while stopping them from biting me, doesn't stop them from buzzing around my head at night. I can spend hours awake with the lights on actively trying to kill all of them, but when I try to go asleep there will always be one more. There seems to be only method that works for me, but it's also really really stupid. I lay in bed on my side with only my head exposed and wait. Eventually the mosquito comes closer and closer to my ear until the buzzing is at it's loudest, it is at this point (as to not risk it escaping) I quickly (and thus violently) hit myself on the side of my head. While this invariably works, it usually takes 3 or 4 tries. The feeling of relief and peacefulness greatly outweighs the feeling of stupidity.

OK, time for another story. This time with a picture. Also, on that note, the pictures for the last 2 are up (I have also just noted that on all 3 scanned images you can see a dead ant).

How I Sort of Saved the World

How did I get into this mess? I was running scared, dodging branches and trying desperately to pick up speed and get away from the angry mob of school boys. I tripped over and blood was dripping down my leg, but I kept on running. Suddenly I saw a steel fence with barbed wire on top. I was trapped, no I wasn't trapped. I could climb over, so I did. It was painful, but I managed it. I looked through the wire and was going to poke out my tongue when they pulled off their faces and revealed alians with ray guns. "Aaarrrrrggggghhhhh" screamed, but I stopped screaming and thought what I should do while dodging the rays. Suddenly I got it. It's the 27th century, advanced technology is everywhere. I saw a shed and I went inside and turned on the forcefield and grabbed four rayguns one in each hand and the other two on my sides. I turned off the forcefield and I shot like crazy with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and all the aliens were dead. When I got to the police station I told them straight away. They didn't believe me so I showed them the remains and they rang the army to warn them for an alian attack. So that is the story of how I sort of saved the world.


I'm pretty sure the first few sentences weren't written by me (I'm guessing they were part of the writing task). Regardless, the rest was pretty great mainly do to sentences like "I was trapped, no I wasn't trapped" or the line "Suddenly I got it. It's the 27th century". There is also a picture. Is it of the chase? the aliens/"alians"? rayguns? remains? No, it is of the the barbed wire fence. I either had a dark mind or, more likely, was lazy and only had a lead pencil.