Given the progress made in the last several months it would figure that this is pretty redundant, but I believe is on indefinite hiatus, suspeneded until further notice. Reasons detailed below:

Alex's current status: (presumably, and from what I know since he only notified me several days ago) not avaialble ever due to not just uni but some undisclosed job with an alleged 5am start. (5am?! Is he working in fucking maccas?!)

As for me, well up until several weeks ago it was a waning interest and perhaps lack of "Jones" motivation too since Alex stopped updating. Then, oh shit, I got a job too. Working 9-5 in the city. What a way to make a livin', barely getting by (ok not that bad... also since I don't actually live in the city it's a 6:30-7 start for me). I haven't been drawing in the past several weeks.. of course I potentially could, but you know me and spare time. Actually I do want to start drawing again, but I think for the time being- if anything I would like to focus on building up skill and thinking about a graphic novel instead.

I like to use weaker words such as "indefinite" and "suspended notice" here because they denote that this site may well see content again, which I think it will. I think it's always possible I'll have a spurt of motivation to make some crappy comic strips and slap 'em on here on some lazy weekend.

That's all for now.

Adam out.

EDIT: in other news, oh holy crap, spam comments ftl :( le sigh